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Mar 16, 2018

How well a medical practice survives a cyberattack depends on how well has prepared. Follow this advice on getting started.

Mar 12, 2018

The better the conversation a medical practice has with its health IT vendors, the safer and smoother the delivery of patient care will be.

Mar 06, 2018

Patient safety is no longer just a bedside concern. Cyberattacks are a growing risk and demand smart responses by doctors and the government. Password security and computer screen locks are just two of the basic steps to take now.

Mar 02, 2018

83% of physicians say their practice has experienced a cyberattack. The AMA offers expert advice to help you understand and minimize the risk to your patients’ health information.

Feb 27, 2018

Patients who track their steps and get daily encouragement and feedback take nearly 1,000 more steps a day. All those steps can add up to better health outcomes.