Medical School Innovation

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May 16, 2018

Medical trainees are in a particularly vulnerable position when it comes to sexual harassment. Stakeholders in medical education discuss ways to protect them.

May 07, 2018

AMA member George C. Mejicano, MD, is moving medicine by advancing the use of health systems science to create the medical school of the future.

May 02, 2018

To make medical students into practice-ready residents, one program is focusing on practical application of what they have learned.

Apr 17, 2018

The University of Michigan Medical School has implemented a curricular overhaul that includes giving fourth-year students road maps to avoid the scourge of senioritis.

Apr 04, 2018

There’s often a gap between what residency directors expect from new residents and what they actually know how to do. Weeklong, specialty-specific crash courses aim to rectify that.