Physicians urge expanded access to Medicaid

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The nation’s physicians voted Monday to support Medicaid expansion and encourage lawmakers to identify realistic coverage options for adults currently in the coverage gap, even if states choose not to adopt the Medicaid expansion outlined in the Affordable Care Act.

Physicians at the 2014 AMA Interim Meeting in Dallas approved a report that would encourage states not participating in the Medicaid expansion to develop waivers that support expansion plans that best meet the needs and priorities of their state’s low-income adults. The AMA calls on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to approve waivers that are consistent with the goals and spirit of expanding insurance coverage.

“The AMA is sensitive to state concerns about expanding Medicaid in a traditional manner, but we believe they must find ways to expand health insurance coverage to their uninsured populations, especially as coverage disparities continue to grow between expansion and non-expansion states,” said AMA Immediate Past Board Chair David O. Barbe, MD. “We encourage states that would otherwise reject the opportunity to expand their Medicaid programs to develop expansion waivers that help increase coverage options for their low income residents.”

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